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Man Forgoes His Safety To Protect A Stranger And Her Baby When An Elevator Fails.

On an elevator, a man protects a woman and her baby while pressing buttons to help free them.

You can’t always know what you’d do in certain situations until you’re in them, like getting stuck on a malfunctioning elevator. One courier found himself in that very scenario, and it was captured on camera. With him was a woman and her baby. In the video, we can see the moment something goes wrong.

The elevator shakes, sending them both scrambling to stay on their feet. In an instant, the two strangers reach for each other. The courier moves the woman and her baby over to the corner and, with one hand, frantically presses buttons. It may seem like he’s pressing them at random, but whatever it is that he does works.

Finally, after an intense few moments, the elevator doors open up. The courier doesn’t hesitate to guide the woman and her baby out first before following suit. Despite being in as much danger as these strangers, this selfless courier didn’t think twice before doing whatever he could to ensure their safety. Incredible!

Watch this kind courier’s act of selflessness in the video below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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