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Man Abandons City Life, Moves To Cabin To Give Elderly Dog Retirement He Deserves.

Cabin in woods and Mylo the Dog

Life in the city can be hard on pets.

For over 13 years, a man named Lorenzo lived in New York City with his canine best friend, Mylo. He met the all-black mixed-breed dog when their eyes met across a crowded park, and Lorenzo knew they were meant to be together. They spent more than a decade together, but both dreamed of a simpler lifestyle that the city simply can’t provide.

Living in Manhattan during the COVID-19 pandemic sealed the deal for Lorenzo. Plus, as Mylo got older, his health got worse and worse. After receiving diagnoses of everything from cataracts to heart failure, Lorenzo decided enough was enough. It was time to act on his dreams of moving himself and Mylo to the country for his dog’s retirement years!

“I had always told him I would give him land and retire him to the woods,” Lorenzo explained. “I always figured by my mid-30s, I would have left the city. The pandemic really showed me what I value and that both he and I need to move towards a simpler life.”

Lorenzo managed to find a run-down cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania. It was a real fixer-upper, but the price was right and it was as remote as the city is crowded. He dubbed the place “Camp Myles,” and set about making it into a paradise for both man and dog.

Along the way, he chronicled cabin life on his social media channels, earning hundreds of thousands of followers in he process.

Mylo and Lorenzo now share the cabin with their cat friends, Mama and Tofu, and they’re loving the more slow-paced lifestyle cabin life allows. Myles suffered a few more health setbacks in the coming years, but after three surgeries he has bounced back and will soon celebrate his 16th birthday.

“I think [his favorite part is] both being lazy on the deck or porch and relaxing in nature, as well as roaming the property and going on walks,” Lorenzo said. “So much to smell, no cars, no sirens – it’s perfect for both of us!” 

Lorenzo says he and Mylo have never been happier, and he’s so glad he made the move while they still have some time together. After all, every moment counts!

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