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Man Buys 100 Meals From Small Business To Feed The Homeless, And Helps The Chef Cook Them!

Jimmy Darts and a restaurant owner cook meals for the homeless.

Social media celebrity Jimmy Darts is known for his acts of kindness, and his most recent plan to buy meals for the homeless is super touching! Jimmy got the idea when he went to a small restaurant with incredible food, but few customers. Darts decided that he could help both the business and others in need with one purchase. He surprised the employee behind the counter by ordering $1,000 worth of chicken and rice bowls!

Next, Darts got to meet the owner of the restaurant, who said that it was always his dream to feed hungry people. The 71-year-old had only been running his business for about six months. When the social media star told the owner his plans for the 100 rice bowls, he allowed the young man to join him in the kitchen! The two had a great time cooking up meals for the homeless while wearing Santa hats.

Jimmy Darts and a restaurant owner cook meals for the homeless.
Screengrab from Jimmy Darts/TikTok

Just as Jimmy Darts helped out in the kitchen, the restaurant owner lent a hand distributing the food. So many people were grateful to receive the delicious meals! Viewers were moved both by the TikToker’s kindness and the elderly man’s entrepreneurship.

“71 and he just started his business recently!” wrote one commenter. “Wow, so inspiring.”

We don’t all have the means to be able to help others on such a large scale, but we all have the power to spread love and kindness where we can. Read how this barber uses his skills to help those in need.

Watch the video below to see Jimmy Darts and his new friend prepare meals for the homeless!


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