Man Breaks Down Into Tears When His Daughter Approaches Carrying A Furry Bundle Of Joy.

A dad is tearing up over the new puppy in his arms.

One dad was so moved when his family presented him with a new puppy, he couldn’t help tearing up over the surprise! In a sweet Facebook video of the moment, a small girl walks up to her father carrying a tiny pooch. As soon as Dad holds the little guy in his arms, he breaks down crying. Apparently, the adorable pup was the spitting image of his dog, Mika, who had recently passed away.


This wasn’t the only thing that was special about the little furball. Dad soon learned that he shared a birthday with the new puppy he was tearing up over! His family told him that they took this coincidence “as a sign.”

A dad is tearing up over the new puppy in his arms.
Screengrab from Dad Jokes/Facebook

Facebook users were moved by the beautiful video, which has received 5 million views so far.

“I love that puppies can make even the most stubbornly manly men break down like babies,” wrote one commenter.

“Love that this family let the man work through it,” another added. “We are so quick to say ‘it’s ok, don’t cry!’ Sometimes even the strongest need to let it out.”

Dogs have a way of immediately melting our hearts at any age. Even this 97-year-old grandma got adorably excited when her family surprised her with a four-legged friend!

Watch the touching video below to see a dog-loving dad tearing up over his brand new puppy.

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