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Man Bets Little Sister Can’t Pop A Balloon Inside A Balloon — But She Blows His Mind!

brother and sister laser pointer balloons

The stakes were high as this brother placed a clear balloon on the counter, and it contained a smaller, black balloon within it. The challenge? Pop the black balloon without untying or bursting the clear balloon.

Brother and sister shine laser pointer into balloons.
This image is from @brotherofcolor.

To you and I, this challenge might seem totally impossible. However, this genius sister had not one, but two ways of winning the challenge. When tasked to pick use the “easy way,” she grabbed a laser pointer.

Within just a few seconds of shining the laser pointer at the balloons, the black balloon popped while the clear balloon stayed fully intact!

This trick works because of color science.

Black is the color that absorbs the most heat. When a laser pointer was pointed at the balloons, the black balloon got hotter first, making it pop before the clear one!

Science wins again! Scroll down to watch this sister play her brother for $40.


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