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Pregnant Woman Breaks Internet By Running 5:25 Mile One Week Before Her Due Date.

For a lot of women (like myself), pregnancy slows us down and makes things that were once easy seem pretty much impossible. Makenna Myler, on the other hand, knows no such limits.

Makenna has been running for years, having ran for BYU and even as a US runner The Great Edinburgh International Cross-Country race. Her personal best mile is 4:43, which she achieved when she wasn’t pregnant, but at nine months pregnant, she wasn’t too far behind that time.

Throughout her pregnancy, Makenna has been running five or six days a week to help her keep up stamina. While she admits she’s not running quite as long and that her time is slower than she’d like, she’s still a total rock star for even trying to keep up with her pre-pregnancy training.

When she first became pregnant, she set a goal to maintain her pre-pregnancy “casual pace” time of 7 minutes until the day she went into labor. To make things a little interesting, her husband Mike said he’d pay her $100 if she could complete an 8-minute mile during her final month. So, a week before her due date, she accepted the challenge.

Mike documented the timed run on TikTok, and it quickly went viral because not only did Makenna finish her mile in under eight minutes, she finished it in less than six! Her final time was 5:25!

In the video, Mike admits defeat and tells her he owes her $100. Makenna is definitely winded and tired, but she did in just over five minutes what many non-pregnant people can do on their best day. She deserves every penny of that $100, and Mike should probably take diaper duty for the baby’s first month – at least.

Watch Makenna crush her goal in the video below – and share it with your friends who could use a little motivation to get moving today!

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