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Mailman Hand Delivers To 94-Yr-Old Woman’s Door – Hears Cries From Inside & Busts Down Door.

Alice Paschke is 94, but she’s still pretty independent, living on her own in rural Walsh County, North Dakota. But earlier this year, she found herself in a potentially deadly situation.

Josh Hefta is Alice’s mailman, and though he has more than 160 other stops on his route, the postal carrier took a special liking to the elderly woman. Josh and Alice would exchange pleasantries during their daily visits and even found time to share the occasional snack.

That personal attention to the people Josh delivered to ended up saving Alice’s life.


Recently, Alice’s mobility had started to deteriorate, so Josh made the decision to deliver directly to her front door rather than making the old woman walk all the way to the mailbox… especially in the colder months.


One day in January, though, the mailman noticed something was off. The elderly woman didn’t meet Josh at her door like normal. A bad feeling in his gut, he knocked on her door to no response.

He knocked again, this time louder, and listened… “I thought I could hear a faint somebody in the house.” Not really knowing what exactly to do, Josh ultimately decided to kick down the locked door.


Inside, he was able to hear Alice screaming for help.

She’d fallen down some 20 hours ago and was unable to get up. If it wasn’t for Josh’s care and timeliness, Alice might not have survived the whole ordeal.


“He saved my life,” Alice noted, “and that’s a true story.”


Josh’s quick thinking hasn’t gone unnoticed by authorities, either. Since his life-saving act, he’s been awarded the Postmaster General Award at the Minto Post Office and will even have a place on the Heroes Wall in Washington, D.C.

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