Devastating Terrorist Attack Brings Man From Iraq And A Rabbi From New Jersey Together!

Rabbi Danny Goodman in left frame. Muataz Azooz and his daughter in right frame.

What do an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi from New Jersey and an Iraqi immigrant living in Colorado have in common? It’s not a trick question; the answer isn’t a punch line to a joke. What the two men have in common is MagicMobility Vans — and the inspiring impact it has made. Their relationship has forged a bond that goes beyond a mere “casual encounter.”


MagicMobility CEO Rabbi Danny Goodman (left) and double amputee  Muataz Azooz (right).
Images from MagicMobility Vans by Special Kids Fund.

We first told our readers about Muataz Azooz in December of 2023. As the survivor of a car bomb attack, Muataz is an inspiration to many. In our previous article, we told you that he was a liaison to the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, where he was the victim of a targeted car bomb attack.

Scene from the 2009 car bomb attacks that injured Muataz Azooz.
Image from YouTube.

After the terrorist attack in 2009, both of Muataz’s legs were amputated above the knee. This changed the course of his life, and it set in motion his eventual association with MagicMobility Vans. Following rehabilitative treatment, he and his family were provided immigration to Colorado, where they now reside. One thing was certain after the terrorist attack: Muataz would need help to cope with his disability.

The Impact Of MagicMobility Vans Is Huge

In an interview with Muataz, he told InspireMore about his life changes and what all that means to him. One of the things that had a large impact on Muataz and his entire family was receiving the mobility van. In addition to his own disability, Muataz has a daughter with Down syndrome. The wheelchair van from MagicMobility Vans has been instrumental in caring for her needs as well as his own.

Muataz Azooz and his daughter.
Image from MagicMobility Vans by Special Kids Fund.

MagicMobility Vans came about through the Special Kids Fund in 2006. While helping families and underprivileged kids with special needs, the organization’s founder, Rabbi Danny Goodman saw many families with limited means, lacking adapted transportation to be able to get out as a family together. Knowing how much these vans can cost, Rabbi Danny started the MagicMobility program.

Growing The Program

Since they saw that no such nationwide program existed, they created a system of online requests and vehicle donations to fill the need. The program also expanded to help adults, the elderly, and veterans.

That is how a Rabbi from New Jersey and a double amputee Iraqi immigrant from Colorado came together. How amazing is it that someone should come from across the US to help Muataz, whose injury was incurred while helping America, across the world in Iraq?

Muataz Azooz standing next to the van he received from MagicMobility Vans.
Image from MagicMobility Vans by Special Kids Fund.

Rabbi Danny told us that as soon as he heard about the situation, he knew what had to be done.

“When we became aware of Muataz’s situation, we jumped in to participate in assisting a friend of America, whom the military had helped with medical care. Muataz had risked ‘life and limb’ for us; now he and his daughter were brought to Colorado, to embark upon a new life of freedom.” Goodman stated. “We could now do our part through the MagicMobility Vans program. We felt the moral responsibility to be at his side, providing the added freedom of mobility for him and his adorable daughter. Thank God, we were able to help.” 

Rabbi Danny Goodman, CEO of MagicMobility Vans.
Image from MagicMobility Vans by Special Kids Fund.

How To Help MagicMobility Vans

Got an adapted van to donate? You can contact and make monetary donations here. If your family needs such a van, you can apply here. All suitable van donations are paired with a local family. Monetary donations are used to further the good works of the organization and to complete necessary safety and maintenance repairs on donated vans.

Help MagicMobility and the Special Kids Fund give the gift of mobility to families with disabilities. You can help make a “life-changing” gift that will make a world of difference!

Featured images from MagicMobility Vans by Special Kids Fund.

**We couldn’t do all the good that we’re doing without incredible partners like MagicMobility Vans. We hope you’ll join us in supporting them!

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