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Judges Horrified When Magician Swallows Dozens Of Blades, But Their Jaws Drop At Final Reveal.

Anyone who has ever been to a magic show knows that the best tricks are the ones that shock the audience so much, they simultaneously need to look away while not wanting to miss out on any of the action up on the stage.

Recently on an episode of ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ the audience was given a nail biting but extremely impressive experience during a magician’s performance on the show.

TanBA is a 43-year-old man from Japan who has been a magician for the last 25 years. But his talent goes way beyond card tricks.


When TanBA walked out on the stage, David Walliams asked him why he wanted to be on Britain’s Got Talent. The judges beam with pride when TanBA replies, “Because ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is the best in the world!”Little did they know, their smiles would quickly turn to grimaces during TanBA’s performance.


TanBA starts out tame, swallowing a blow up balloon and a paper. Then he walks down to the judges’ table with a razor blade in hand. Immediately the crowd was filled with horror at the thought of what TanBA might do with a razor blade.

He hands a piece of paper to Simon Cowell and asks him to cut the paper with the razor blade. The audience can tell what is coming next, and it looks painful… yet, even through the horror, they don’t dare look away!


TanBA announces that he is going to eat the razor blade and– before you know it– he does just that.

TanBA continues to swallow more and more razor blades. With every gulp it seems more impossible that a human could eat so many razors and still be alive.


Finally, after a performance that leaves the audience half-hiding behind their hands in shock and disgust, TanBA stops eating the razor blades and proceeds to eat a ball of red string. Just when you think that he will never stop eating random items, TanBA begins to pull the string back out of his mouth for his last and final amazing magic trick.

What he does at the end impressed the judges so much, he received all four yeses and will be moving on in the contest.

Check out the unbelievable final act of TanBA’s magic show below, and share with your friends and family!

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