Dad Transforms Kids’ Wheelchairs Into Magical Costumes For Free.

Back in 2008, Ryan Weimer asked his son, Keaton what he wanted to be for Halloween. After some thought, Keaton decided he wanted to be a pirate, an easy enough costume for a parent to make. But, Ryan went a step further by turning Keaton’s wheelchair into a pirate ship!

Keaton was, of course, thrilled with his Halloween set-up, so Ryan continued to do it in the years following for him and his younger brother Bryce. Seeing the joy these wheelchair costumes brought to his sons’ faces inspired Ryan to want to do the same for other wheelchair-bound kids. So, he created a non-profit organization, Magic Wheelchair.

Keaton and Bryce both have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a form of Muscular Dystrophy. For years the boys (and Ryan) would get all kinds of attention from neighbors who were amazed by the incredible wheelchair costumes.

In 2015, after getting more and more attention for his creativity, Ryan launched Magic Wheelchairs, which helps to create and provide costumes to wheelchair-bound kids at no cost to their families.

Magic Wheelchairs has come up with some pretty amazing designs for kids over the years like Space Godzilla for a little boy named William, an Iron Man motorcycle for Chad, and a Space Ship for sweet Emerson (whose dog was all dressed up and ready to blast off into space).

Magic Wheelchair continues to expand every year, helping more and more kids feel a sense of magic and inclusion. Ryan told ABC, “Seeing it grow has been amazing because we have this platform where we can invite people to come do beautiful things for beautiful kids and their beautiful families. It’s humbling to be part of something that invites so many people to get involved in doing something good.”

You can check Magic Wheelchair on their website, see pictures of their amazing creations on Instagram, and learn more about them in the video below. Share this story with your friends to help spread the word about this amazing organization!

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