Shelter dog escapes cage to comfort terrified, newborn puppies. My heart!

When you hear about a dog getting out of their cage, house or kennel, it’s usually a bad thing, right? Well, not for this sweet pup.

At Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming in Canada, a maternal dog named Maggie heard frightened whimpers one night and snuck out of her kennel to find two scared puppies. The young ones had just been brought in earlier that day.

It turns out that Maggie, actually had a litter of her own who were all adopted out of the humane society a little while before she found a loving home. So when the pet motel looked on security cameras, they were touched to see Maggie snuggling with the two puppies.


Image via ABC News

“We’ve never really seen it before, where a dog sneaks out to some puppies and is so excited to see them, said Alex Aldred, an employee at the pet motel. “We left work and then we were watching the surveillance cameras while we were out and we saw Maggie was sitting in front of the puppies’ kennels,”Aldred told ABC.

Deanna Thompson, who works at the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, said she was not surprised by this act of maternal love that took place.


Image via ABC News

“It’s innate in a lot of female dogs, especially if they’ve had a litter in the past. It’s just in their nature. We’ve seen it in a lot of dogs even with male dogs, when they hear other puppies crying they want to console them and make sure they’re feeling safe.”

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