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Twin Sisters Dance Their Hearts Out In Fast-Paced Keith Urban Clogging Routine.

morgan madison mallum clogging

Fact: Dancing takes a lot of coordination.

Add in a partner who you have to keep precise time and rhythm with while mirroring their moves inches apart, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster for most people. But Morgan and Madison Mallum are not like most people.

The two girls and their brother, Monroe, are triplets. The siblings all took up clogging when they were just 5 years old, so you could say it’s almost second nature at this point.

morgan and madison mallum

Morgan and Madison took to the Irish-American dance style so thoroughly that they’ve been doing it ever since, going on to win regional and national awards over the years, and even joining the national championship clogging team, Tap This!

tap this students

The modern take on tradition clogging that the girls do, though, doesn’t involve actual clogs. It’s still so amazing to watch – they could be doing it in bunny slippers, for all we care!

If you want to see an example of how good they really are, check out the video below. It was taken back in 2013, when the Clogging Champions of America hosted a competition in Knoxville, Tennessee. Each year, the country’s best cloggers come together for some high-competition, toe-tapping routines.

morgan madison showdown of champions

The girls chose to set their routine to Keith Urban’s “Hit the Ground Runnin’,” and Morgan and Madison give it everything they’ve got. Their legs are in constant motion during the 90-second routine. They effortlessly incorporate tap, step, and square dancing styles, even throwing in some hip-hop moves, too!


It’s to see that they’ve put hours, days… even weeks into preparation. We’re so glad they kept with their passion for dance; it definitely paid off!

Watch these talented sisters bust some serious moves in the video below and be sure to share their skills with your friends and family.

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