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Little Boy Chases Recycling Truck Every Week So Driver Surprises Him With Best Gift.

It’s often easy to forget that our actions have a big impact on those around us.

Nanny, Victoria Conners, shared a story recently about how her young charge, Luke, forged an unlikely friendship with the neighborhood recycling man, and it perfectly highlights how even the tiniest kindness can turn someone’s entire day around.


“Every Monday, my little nanny kiddo L follows the recycle truck in his little blue car down the alleys. Fabio, the recycle man, is absolutely amazing!” Victoria wrote on Facebook. “He waves to L right when he sees him, honks his horn and always hops out of the truck to say hello. L absolutely adores him!”

Victoria said that Luke and Fabio always share a cheerful wave when the recycling truck appears each Monday, and these visits quickly became the highlight of the little boy’s day. As it turns out, the visits were important to Fabio too.


One spring day Fabio decided to reward his favorite little route buddy with a sweet handwritten card and note. Not only that, but he even gave the little boy a brand new toy — a recycling truck, of course!

“Last week, L got to sit in the truck and today even received a gift and note from Fabio. It was so thoughtful, and L was beyond excited!” Victoria said.


The note Fabio wrote explained that he looks forward to seeing Luke on his route every Monday and he truly appreciates the child’s friendship and admiration. While Luke may not understand how deeply moving this note is, his nanny certainly did.


The note read:

“To my little friend Luke,

Every Monday I feel so blessed to come to work because I get to see you. Thank you so much for making me happy. You’re a wonderful kid. Your parents are lucky to have you. I hope you enjoy playing with the recycling truck. This small gift is a gesture of my appreciation toward you. I value what you do every Monday, to following me while I’m driving and picking up whatever falls out of my truck. Once again, thank you my friend! God bless you and your family.”


“It just made me realized how little things like this show how important it is to put others first and make us realize how much our lives can make an impact on people,” Victoria concluded.

Great observation, Victoria! We’re so glad she shared this story of this sweet little boy and his friend Fabio. Let’s all remember this story as we go through our daily lives. You just never know when a smile, nod, or kind word might make someone’s day just a little bit brighter.

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