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Loyal Livestock Guardian Dog Leads Stranger To The Rescue Of Trapped Goat

A Great Pyrenees worriedly looks up at a goat that's stuck in a tree.

Living on the road, Jon and Krisha experience their fair share of unexpected adventures. Still, even they took pause when they saw a Great Pyrenees herding about 15 goats. They slowed down to get a better look and, in doing so, the dog decided to block them. This way, the goats could safely cross the road. The couple started to leave, but the sound of a trapped goat caught their attention.

Getting closer, they understood exactly why this poor goat was screaming so loudly. He managed to get his leg stuck in a tree, leaving his body dangling. Without hesitating, Krisha and Jon swooped in to help, capturing the moment on camera. In the video, we get an idea of just how stuck this creature has gotten.

@vanswerthecall Only a few scratches and bruises but who knows how long he would be dangling there if I didn't see/hear him up on that hill. #goats #goatsoftiktok #greatpyrenees #dogsoftiktok #dogs #helping #helpinganimals ♬ original sound – VanswerTheCall

Couple Swoops In to Rescue a Frightened, Trapped Goat

While the couple helps the goat, the Great Pyrenees stands nearby. Although the couple is doing their best to help, the dog can’t help but be wary of the humans, sometimes taking little nips at Jon.

Still, the dog doesn’t interfere too much. And with time, patience, and a lot of teamwork, the couple successfully free the goat. Plus, Krisha is able to do so without getting smacked in the head with the goat’s horns — although it’s certainly a close call!

woman trying to free goat trapped in tree branch

“Only a few scratches and bruises but who knows how long he would be dangling there if I didn’t see/hear him up on that hill,” Krisha shares on TikTok.

“What an incredible dog to keep guarding like he did,” one person writes in the comments. “Bless you for helping the goat!”

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