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“You Call Yourself Ugly But You’ve Only Seen Yourself When You Look At The Mirror”.

If you’ve ever been to a big celebratory gathering, but scooted to the very back of the group shot because you think you’re ugly or the dress you’re wearing is fitting a little more snugly than usual, Alex Durog has some choice words for you.

Alex’s elegantly phrased tweet she crafted in early July, has resonated with so many people. Because who hasn’t felt a little iffy about how they look at one point or the other?

alex durong

But her thread isn’t just a pep talk filled with platitudes, talking about how beauty is inside or in the eye of the beholder. It goes much deeper than that and illuminates a point that few even stop to consider.

When you look in the mirror, you’re seeing a single snapshot of yourself at that precise moment. What you’re not seeing is the colorful kaleidoscope of expressions that crosses your face every single day, many of them small, candid moments where your face reflects nothing but pure joy and delight. And how can that not be beautiful?

You don’t see yourself when your face lights up at the sight of a baby, ice cream, or your favorite restaurant.

You don’t see yourself when you smile at me for finally understanding what you’re trying to say.

You don’t see yourself when you’re so focused at the things you love doing.


You tell yourself you’re ugly but you’ve never seen yourself talk about the things you love. The stars, sky, the constellations, and the universe.

You never saw yourself tear up for laughing so hard or turn red after I told you something cheesy.

I guess that’s why it’s so easy for people to say they’re ugly because they’ve never seen themselves in the smallest moments, in the ordinary, and still be beautiful.


Alex was floored at how widely it reverberated. This is definitely one of those messages that needs to be spread even farther, so share Alex’s incredible words of wisdom with everyone you know!

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