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DNA Test Reveals Sister She Never Knew Existed – After 50 Yrs, They Finally Reunite.

Helen Zolna-Abrams grew up in a happy home with two adoptive parents. She has fond memories of her childhood, but something was always missing.

When her mother passed away in 2004, Helen decided that it was time to search out what she felt was lacking in her life. Growing up without siblings, she’d always dreamed of having a sister. So she started looking for any blood relatives she might be able to reconnect with. And boy, did she uncover just that.

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After searching for a few years, Helen decided to take a DNA test on Ancestry.com. Presumably hoping to find a long-lost uncle or distant cousin, Helen found something far more precious.

Her results came back with an immediate family match – she had a sister!

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After tracking down her contact information, Helen called Adonna. “She was at the hair salon and she freaked out and she said, ‘Could you repeat that?'”

The sisters began talking on a regular basis, exchanging photos and stories of their lives.

The resemblance was uncanny.

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Born 18 months apart to the same parents in Montreal, the sisters were adopted out to separate families. Today, Helen remains in Canada, while Adonna lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

After weeks of talking – and more than 50 years apart, the siblings arranged to meet in Montreal.

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Watch the video below of their heartwarming reunion and share to spread some love!

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