Local Heroes Pluck Woman From Car Moments Before It Plunges Into A Sinkhole.

a group of good samaritans and firefighters working together trying to pull woman out of her car slowly falling into a sinkhole.

Life can change in just a second.

Just ask this woman from El Paso, Texas, who was driving her car normally, and before she knew it, began falling into a sinkhole – leaving her trapped inside her car.

Thankfully, there are always Good Samaritans that are willing to step in to help people like this woman. And of course, our everyday heroes (also known as first responders) are also always ready to come to our rescue!

A video captured by the public information officer of El Paso Fire Department portrays just how close of a call this whole event was. It shows how the white sedan slowly sinks into the water, while a group of random strangers and firefighters work together to pull the woman out of the car.

You know what they say: When humans unite, we are stronger! And that strength showed when they were finally able to pull the woman out of her car… just moments before her car was completely swallowed by the sinkhole.

Thanks to these heroes, the woman got out of the situation safely, and only suffered some minor injuries, according to authorities.

Watch the impressive rescue below and don’t forget to share it with a friend.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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