Family Lost Everything In Fire, But Their 4-Yr-Old Neighbor Pulls Up In Barbie Car To Help.

A tragedy took place in West Michigan when the Walker-Vu family’s home caught on fire. The family members survived, but they lost everything… including their beloved dog. “They have no roof, no clothes, no memories” reads a GoFundMe post created to raise money for the family’s needs. “They are all gone by the wayside in the fire… Anything helps.” But, in the midst of this terrible tragedy came one ray of sunshine: 4-year-old Becca VanZyll.


Becca didn’t know the Walker-Vu family; besides sharing a neighborhood, they were complete strangers to her. But when Becca saw the Walker-Vu’s damaged house and heard about their misfortune, she was moved to help.


Becca started going through her own things–gathering together her toys, even her birthday presents–to deliver them to the heartbroken family. Becca’s mom helped; she said she was proud that her little girl wanted to do something for others, especially at such a young age! Mom said that Becca “wanted to keep adding more stuff” to the pile as she packed up goodies for her neighbors.

But how did a 4-year-old manage to transport all of her things to the Walker-Vu family? In a Barbie convertible, of course!


The image of this little girl driving her Barbie convertible full of donations to a hurting family absolutely melts my heart! What an incredible image of love and empathy.

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