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Little Boy’s Effortless Cover Of Celine Dion’s “Power Of Love” Is Beyond Impressive

Little boy Celine Dion

This little boy’s casual cover of Celine Dion’s Power of Love is shockingly good.

When it comes to singing, some people have “it,” and some people don’t. This kid definitely has it and then some.

The boy, who is the star of a TikTok page called Jojohop36, has caught the attention of millions with his gift of song. His videos show him tackling some of the most difficult singles, such as Rolling in the Deep and Easy On Me by Adele.

While most of his clips have earned millions of views, one in particular has gone viral many times over, with an impressive 23.6 million views to date. The video shows him singing Celine Dion’s 1993 hit as if it were the easiest thing to do.

In the clip, the little boy sits on his kitchen counter while playing on his tablet and casually belts the refrain. He’s hardly paying attention to what he is doing, and he hits every single note.

The Little Boy Has A Voice As Big As Celine Dion—And Commenters Are Shocked

The fact that such a young kid can master such a difficult song with little effort has us and his listeners shocked.

“Just chilling in the iPad, belting out some bangers,” someone wrote in the comments

“That is insane,” another person wrote. “Omg he’s so good.”

“Wow that was a shock,” added another impressed commenter. “Wasn’t expecting him to belt that out. Beautiful voice well done. xx”

“What the actuallllll???? I did not expect that big voice! So cute!!” someone praised.

“The speed with which my jaw hit the ground! 😍😍😍” his new fan shared.

Now that you’ve discovered the little boy’s page, we suggest you scroll through and listen to him sing his other favorites. He’s so good that it’s mind-boggling.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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