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Little Boy Steals Spotlight During School Concert With Adorable Dance Moves

Kids look at a little boy in surprise as he starts to dance

When music moves you, sometimes, you simply must dance. This is a feeling that plenty of adults can feel at times, but it’s much more rare for them to follow through on this impulse. Little kids, on the other hand, are much quicker to dance like nobody is watching — and we’re all-the-better for it. The little boy in the video below, who truly has some of the best dance moves, is the perfect example of this.

The video, which continues to blow up across social media, showcases a whole group of kids. According to a caption on Instagram, they’re preparing to put on a performance for Mother’s Day. While they wait, a rather catchy song starts to play: Calm Down by Rema and Selena Gomez. It’s clear that this little boy loves the song, because he starts to dance. He stays seated at first but, before long, he has to stand up to properly show off his moves!

Kid goes off during school concert, busts out dance moves 😆
byu/uchman365 inMadeMeSmile

It seems as though he’s seen the music video for the hit song, because he even starts to mimic Rema’s very own dance moves. Either way, his dancing is contagious — literally! The kids sitting around him get inspired to join in on the fun. Now, a while group of these kids are proving how much fun it can be to have an impromptu dance party!

Little Boy’s Adorable Impromptu Dance Brings Joy to Millions

“The moment he realized it’s THAT song, his eyes lit up,” someone in the comments section points out with another adding, “He is the main character.”

“The day I have this confidence, I will rule the world,” someone else admits. “You go boy! Much love from India.”

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