Little Baby Hears Favorite Gospel Song, Bursts Into Soulful Rendition Well Beyond His Years

baby singing in carseat

One adorable baby is letting the world know that he’s blessed. Strapped in a car seat in the back of a car, the toddler was captured singing his heart out on camera to a gospel song with his grandmother. The young mind of a child can easily learn songs; but this kid sings with a deep passion that makes it seem like he means every word of the tune.  Although he struggles to remember some of the words, his performance is laughably cute. When he misses a few words, his grandmother steps in to carry the song and encourage him on to the next line.

The young boy named Demetrius may have a bright future in gospel music. And all thanks to his proud grandmother and duet partner, Lydia Majette. She has three other grandchildren who love to sing, but happened to catch this precious one on video.

In the video, they sing a song titled “I’m Blessed”. The inspirational song says “I’m better than blessed” because of all the things The Lord has done in their lives. The two send a strong message through song of being content and grateful for what they have.

Lydia seems to put a lot of thought into what she lets her grandchildren listen to in the car, as young Demetrius knows the song by heart.

What a great reminder to be mindful of what we listen to in the car because it affects everyone listening.

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