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Mail Carrier Surprises Single Mom Battling COVID-19 With Thoughtful Gift.

When Lisette LeJeune of Houston, Texas, received a positive COVID-19 test, she knew she would be in for a tough time.

She and both of her kids, who are 14 and 3 years old, tested positive and fell ill in December. Their family members did their best to bring them supplies and food, but since they live far away, it wasn’t easy for any of them.

As a makeup artist, Lisette has been out of work throughout the pandemic. Not to mention, being a single parent made coping with the isolation and uncertainty of her diagnosis incredibly challenging.

“I was really sick the first week, so it was really hard trying to take care of both of them,” she told GMA. “It’s so hard being a single mom.”

Right after she got her test results, Lisette made sure her family was quarantined. She even placed a bucket on her front porch so their mail carrier could put their letters inside instead of touching the mailbox. But two weeks later, Lisette opened the front door to find a special care package!

Assuming the sweet gift was from a relative, Lisette opened the box to find several get-well essentials like chicken noodle soup, crackers, and cookies. There was also a handwritten note, only it wasn’t from a family member at all. It was from Mary, their mail carrier, a stranger Lisette had only briefly spoken to one time!

“Get-well wishes… I hope you all are feeling better!” the note read.

Lisette was instantly choked up by the kindness. “What made me emotional was just the thought of her getting the bag ready, in the morning before starting work or the night before, just her having us in mind with her daily routine,” she explained.

Lisette left a thank-you gift and a note for Mary in return and shared the touching moment online. After their story went viral, Mary responded through USPS, calling the care package “a small gesture of kindness.”

Fortunately, Lisette and her kids are now recovering from the virus! While their humble mail carrier may not think much of what she did, we know it meant the world to this family!

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