Insecure Singer Blows Judges Away With Flawless “Listen” Cover.

If you tend to doubt yourself, the thought of blowing away an entire room probably seems impossible. More a daydream than anything that could happen in real life. But, for one nervous Ireland’s Got Talent contestant, that fantasy turned into a beautiful reality.

An Irish mom named Linda McLoughlin admitted it was the biggest stage she’d been on. She laughed nervously when the judges asked her if she really wanted to perform, she admitted that yes she did. Linda wanted to give herself the chance to be heard.

“Secretly, deep down. It’s just a confidence thing. I think that confidence [and] ability are two different things.”


The 38-year-old Dublin native wasn’t an entirely inexperienced singer.

“I did talent shows in school and I did a couple of karaoke competitions over the years but to put yourself out there on a local stage is completely different.”

Despite Linda’s confidence issues, she was lucky to have a loving family behind her.

linda and family

Even if Linda herself lacked confidence in her singing, but her loved ones believed in her. They knew that if Linda got the chance to sing, she’d really shine.

linda and relative

She realized she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to at least audition for Ireland’s Got Talent. Putting her confidence issues aside, the Irish mom finally had her big moment.


Linda decided to sing Beyoncé’s “Listen” for her audition. She was told that it was an “ambitious” choice. Would she be able to pull it off?


Absolutely, yes!

Linda overcame her nerves and gave an incredibly powerful rendition of the song. Perhaps for the first time ever, everyone was stopping to “listen” to her voice. She moved the audience and judges with her heartfelt performance.


And as a bonus, Linda got the golden buzzer!

golden buzzer

It was the most perfect ending imaginable for a woman who didn’t believe in herself. With a standing ovation and gold confetti raining down, she finally had confirmation from the world.

To see the magical moment for yourself, check out Linda’s performance below and share her story today!

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