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Teen Sisters Bake Up A Storm To Buy School Supplies For Kids In Need.

Going back to school is an exciting event for most students, but for those living below the poverty line, it can be stressful.

Many families can’t afford the new backpacks, pencils, paper, and notebooks that give kids a leg up in school. That’s why two sisters from Atlanta, Georgia, made it their mission to make sure more children get the supplies they need to fall in love with learning!

Meet 17-year-old Lily Babcock and her 14-year-old sister Evie. If these young ladies look familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen them both on popular cooking shows. Lily appeared on “Chopped Junior,” while Evie was on “MasterChef Junior.” Thanks to these TV appearances, the siblings have developed a fan base, and they’re determined to use that power to help others.

After working at a camp with refugees last summer, Lily learned how difficult it is for these immigrants to afford everything that comes with attending school. They came to the U.S. to fulfill their dreams, yet many doors remain closed to them due to their economic status.

For Lily, getting new school supplies has helped instill a love for education in her, and she wanted to give that same feeling to impoverished children who are looking for a better way of life.

“I’ve always loved going back to school with like, fancy pencils,” Lily said. “It’s really helped me love learning.”

In order to buy supplies, the sisters knew they had to fundraise. Naturally, they settled on baking to raise the money they needed to buy backpacks stuffed with back-to-school items.

“I realized if we could help get school supplies for all of these children, that it could help them have that same love for learning and happiness that I’ve experienced,” Lily added.

“It’s just really heartbreaking to see like, how sometimes kids don’t have access to what they really need to have a great school year and be successful,” Evie said. “We just really wanted to help.”

After weeks of baking and campaigning, the sisters achieved their goal. Together, they raised over $4,000 to stuff 240 backpacks full of everything a student could need! The girls spent their days personally filling each backpack, which they then handed off to an Atlanta-based charity called New American Pathways. The organization distributes the goodies to local refugee families.

Lily and Evie hope their efforts show everyone that we all have the power to help others.

“Don’t… feel like you’re voiceless,” Lily said. “Even if you can’t vote or things like that, you can always do small things, and sometimes they turn into bigger things. And every little act of kindness matters.”

How true that is! No act of kindness is ever wasted. Great job, girls! Way to use your platform to help those in need.

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