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Lights, Camera, Laughter! Chaos Ensues In These Sidesplitting News Bloopers.

a two-photo collage. the first is of a woman weather reporter giving a report with comedian george wallace. she’s smiling as she has her arms on her hip and he’s pulling the jacket he’s wearing closer to him as he looks right at the camera, blank expression on his face. the second is of a distraught news reporter looking up and in the direction of where she just kicked.

Some of life’s best moments can’t be planned.

This saying can apply to our everyday lives but, as it turns out, it also rings true for live news broadcasts. This is good news (pun intended) for everyone because no amount of planning could ever prepare someone for the chaos of funny co-workers, food segments gone wrong, or talkative kiddos.

The real problem is that, with so many news stations around the world, it’s impossible to catch every hilarious mishap… or is it?

Okay, so it maybe it’s impossible to watch all of the bloopers the world has to offer – but thanks to perfectly-put-together clips that can be found on YouTube channels like News Be Funny, you can get some of the best highlights. We’ve shared some of their work before, and now we’re back with more! So sit back, grab your drinks and snacks, and enjoy these news bloopers!

Watch these gut-busting bloopers below, and don’t forget to share the laughs with a friend.

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