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Kid Dance Group’s Stunning Routine In The Dark Has Judge Slamming Golden Buzzer.

In season 12 of “America’s Got Talent”, the dance group Light Balance came in 3rd in the overall competition and later went on to compete in “AGT: Champions”. Their dance and light show took everyone by surprise and the group became a fan favorite.

This year, a group of kids ranging from age 11 to 13 are following in their footsteps and competing on this season of “America’s Got Talent”. Light Balance Kids is run by one of the members of the original group, and honestly, the adults had better watch their backs because these kids are good!


The group flew to the US all the way from the Ukraine. For many of them, it was the first time they ever rode an airplane. One even said that the plane was nicer than a house from their war-torn country.

After their audition, Light Balance Kids got four yesses from the judges and got to move on to the next round. This time, they had to really fight for their spot and had an extra judge to impress – actress, Ellie Kemper (you may know her as Erin from “The Office”).


Before their performance, the kids explained that their talent is more than just dancing. It requires coding, planning, and a lot of hard work to get the full effect. This time, dressed up as little robots, the kids put on a performance that included rocket ships, basketball, and effects that were not only fun to watch, but impressive when you think about the work that went into planning them.

All their hard work definitely paid off, because all of the judges were nearly speechless after watching the performance. Ellie Kemper was so impressed that she slammed down the Golden Buzzer, which automatically advances them to the live shows in Hollywood.


To everyone watching, this was a well-deserved win. But, the kids were completely shocked. Their faces went immediately from surprise and excitement to tears of joy as they let the opportunity they’d been given soak in.


Ellie couldn’t help but to run up on stage and celebrate with the group. She was welcomed with more tears and lots of hugs. The Golden Buzzer couldn’t have gone to a more humble and genuine act!


Check out Light Balance Kids’ amazing performance in the video below. Be sure to share this story with your friends, too!

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