Life-Sized Replica Of Andy’s Room In “Toy Story” Will Make You Feel Toy-Sized.

In a life-sized Toy Story room, you can "be" one of the toys.

Did you know there is a life-sized Toy Story room in Madrid, Spain? The room replicates Andy’s room from the popular Toy Story franchise. Walking into the room, you get the feeling of being a toy. The toys are the size of normal humans, while the décor in the room is huge! You can view the room from the perspective of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, two popular movie characters.


Walking around the room, you can see what the toys saw as they sprung to life when Andy was gone. The door is gargantuan, as are the dresser and bed. You can walk under the nightstand without bumping or ducking your head. The cardboard Old West Village stands along the wall as you walk past Woody.

A visitor to the life-sized Toy Story room in Madrid, Spain poses near Sheriff Woody.
Image from Instagram.

Scattered around the life-sized room are various toys and items that are seen in the CGI-animated Toy Story films. There are currently four full-length movies under the Toy Story name, a spinoff titled Lightyear, and several short films based on some of the characters in the franchise. The franchise has been an anchor for the Walt Disney Company since 1995.

Walking under the nightstand gives you a feel of how large this replica of Andy's room really is.
Image from Instagram.

Toy Story Is A Disney Anchor

The films focus on the toys, which come to life when their owner, Andy, is not in the room. The first film begins with Andy getting a new Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday. His favorite toy, Sheriff Woody, is concerned that Buzz will be replacing him as Andy’s favorite. The ensuing power struggle between the toys ends when Buzz accidentally falls out of the window. Woody tries to rescue Buzz, but they must battle Sid, the evil child next door. Of course, the toys are victorious in their adventure and become friends, although there is always an underlying sense of competition between them.

Buzz Lightyear's rocket ship/box allows visitors to walk into the craft.
Image from Instagram.

The franchise follows Andy through his childhood, then continues with new children, toys, and adventures after Andy leaves for college. The Toy Story franchise was a big part of the life of any child growing up during that period. My child watched them all several times, which means I got to enjoy them too. A love of Toy Story prompted two brothers to create their own version of Toy Story 3 In Real Life.

If you love Toy Story and are ever in Madrid, Spain, you can add the life-sized Toy Story room to your adventures. If you enjoyed this story, please share it with other Toy Story fans.

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