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“Life Is Simply Too Short.” 21-Yr-Old Fulfills #VanLife Dream After Losing Grandma.

a woman named ame waving while holding her small dog, gigi, as she stands in front of her opened-door van turned home and a view of the inside of the van that shows off part of the kitchen and bedroom

The idea of living out of a renovated van has become quite popular over the years, but Amélise is one of the few who have followed through on that commitment.

It took a lot of time and hard work to make it happen, but she couldn’t be happier with the result! But before she got to this point, Amélise had to go on a journey that she’ll never forget.

1. Amélise, who also goes by Ame, first fell in love with the idea of #vanlife almost three years ago.

2. Around that same time, her grandma who she was close to passed away. While processing her grief, Ame had a wake-up-call of sorts.

3. ” … it (her grandma passing away) made me realize that life is simply too short to live to pay bills,”she said. “I wanted life to be an adventure!”

4. “So by living in a van I figured I could be debt-free, I could live everywhere and anywhere (adventure!), and be almost entirely self-sufficient, which is incredible, especially in today’s world.”

5. To get started, she purchased a Ford Transit for £5,000 GBP (around $6,800).

6. She has since named her van Gloria.


Part 2 of my van build series! If anyone wants to see how I installed the max air – let me know:) #vanlife #vanbuild #renovation #SpotifyWrapped #diy

♬ original sound – ame in a van

7. From there, she stripped the inside and looked for cheap ways to create a cozy yet functional living space for herself and her dog, Gigi.

8. Although Ame faced lots of challenges in taking on this project herself, the biggest hurdle was installing her diesel heater.

9. ” … during the van build I had so many moments where I didn’t want to do it anymore because it can be such a mental challenge building a van by yourself, but I knew that I wouldn’t actually quit.”

10. In Ame’s kitchen you can find a working sink and a stove, a mini fridge, and even a decent amount of cabinet space.

11. The nook in the corner doubles as a place to chill and a place to shower!


Tbh with you, I wanted to build a bath in there 💃🛁 #vanbuild #vanlife #diy #travel #simlishsessions

♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

12. And despite the limited space, her personality shines through in the décor in her bedroom which features a double sized bed.

13. There are lots of reasons why someone may consider van life, but for Ame, it’s all about freedom.

14. “Van life for me is about getting back to the beauty of life, the world is so fast-paced and structured so strictly that life can end up feeling somewhat like a prison and I didn’t want that anymore.”

15. “Tiny living, in my opinion, is a movement towards a new world, a more beautiful world.”

Ame’s decision to start living the kind of life that’s best for her wasn’t easy, but it paid off in the end. We’re so inspired by her determination and confidence, and we wish her and Gigi well as they travel through France and, eventually, America!

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