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Mom Uses Letter Board To Share Hysterical Pregnancy Struggles With World. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. What could be more beautiful than creating a life and witnessing firsthand, as your body nurtures and grows a little one? But– beautiful though it may be– pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

When Maya Vonderstrasse became pregnant with her second daughter soon after having her first, she decided to give it to the world straight: pregnancy is hard, motherhood is hard… but it’s so worth it!

Outtake from the other day. This picture is too beautiful not to post, stretch marks and all 🤘🏼

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That’s when Maya broke out a letter board and started posting messages on Instagram, portraying the truth behind pregnancy.

Dat bump life 🤘🏼 #27weekspregnant

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“Honestly, I was so tired of seeing motherhood portraying as perfect, flawless, and effortless on social media, because I never felt like it was like that for me,” said Maya.

#29weekspregnant and starving 🍟🍔

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“So I embraced my chaotic life, and decided to share it with everyone in the hopes of helping mothers realize that it’s OK to not have it all figured out.”

Hold that thought. Gotta pee. Again. #pregnancyproblems 🤰🏻

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But just because Maya’s getting honest, doesn’t mean she has a negative view of motherhood.

Dangerous territory, husband 🤰🏻👿 #33weekspregnant

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In fact, her posts are hilarious! And that’s exactly how Maya likes it.


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“I’ll keep laughing my way out of diapers and screams because when I look back at my life, I’ll want to remember it as fun, light, and filled with love.”

Bears. Beets. Bump. #37weekspregnant

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Her husband and baby Zoey sometimes get in on the fun, too. After all, it’s all about family.

It looks like Maya had a lot of fun documenting her pregnancy…

…and, in the end, all the hard and icky stuff was well worth it.

Maya is still continuing the series even after the birth of new baby Hazel. Now, Maya is using her letter board to document the reality of mothering a newborn.

And she has no plans to stop anytime soon!

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