Artist’s Stunning 3D Mural Comes To Life Thanks To Innovative Technology.

Dutch artist Leon Keer is well-known for his incredible 3D street art. His ability to transform any flat surface into a multilevel masterpiece is unmatched!

Now, Leon has teamed up with another innovator to take his usual masterpieces to the next level using augmented reality.

After he was asked to create a mural for the upcoming ArtStreet Hbg in Helsingborg, Sweden, Leon got to work on a massive blank canvas on the side of a building.

He stood on a cherry picker atop a crane to hand-sketch “Shattering,” a painting of four precariously-stacked teacups that are meant to signify the fragility of life.

“Life is as fragile as a teacup,” the artist told My Modern Met. “I want to show that your life can be turned upside down in an instant. You could lose a loved one. Or your home. That’s why, on the teacups, I painted all kinds of doomsday scenarios.”

The actual teacups are Rörstrand ceramics, a well-known brand of pottery that has been popular in Sweden for hundreds of years.

Each individual cup features a scene illustrating the effects of climate change, from melting glaciers to a drought and an oil spill.

The teacups, which also represent the earth as a whole, seem poised to tumble down at any moment. However, Leon wasn’t content to leave them dangling on the edge.

Instead, he enlisted the help of augmented reality designer Joost Spek to create an animation that would shatter the cups. To see the animation, all you have to do is download Leon’s app and hold it up to the mural.

This breathtaking work of art is free to everyone, as is the app needed to get the full “Shattering” effect. Leon hopes to raise awareness that we still have a chance to keep the cups from falling!

Learn more about the mural in the video below, and be sure to share this story with your friends.

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