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Woman Planned To Commit Suicide, But Rescue Horse Stops Her.

“I felt like things would be better off without me here.”

Those were the thoughts going through Lea Frazier’s head but she had creatures counting on her. She had to make sure all the horses, pigs, goats and other animals that had taken refuge at her ranch in Temecula , California had enough food and water to tide them over until someone else came to their rescue.

lea and cider

But one horse in particular, Cider, seemed to pick up on her mood. And Cider held a special place in her heart.

She’d arrived at Lemon Ranch Animal Sanctuary in January 2016 virtually a sack of bones, and if Lea hadn’t intervened, she would’ve been slaughtered.

cider before and after

But Lea wouldn’t allow her to give up, and with enough time and patience, this beautiful, broken horse learned to love and trust again. That “beseeching” look she gave Lea that day, she believes, was her way of telling her she couldn’t just give up, either, not when she’d worked so hard to save her and so many other animals.

And that day as Lea said her final goodbyes, Cider gazed back with a “beseeching” look. That look, was Cider’s way of telling Lea she couldn’t just give up, not when she’d worked so hard to save her and so many other animals. And ultimately, Lea changed her mind.

It was clear that she said, “You can’t go,”and, “I need you,”and, “You promised.”It almost feels like hocus pocus, but it was enough. That day, it was enough to make me wanna stay.

Knowing her horse needed her was enough to bring her back from the edge that day. And that strong moment they shared inspired Lea to launch “Hooves Helping Humans,” an animal-therapy program geared at helping humans dealing with their own demons.

lea horse and goat

Life, connections, success, and purpose are often mountains to climb. If you’re there, in the struggle, consider a session with the animals. I know first-hand that it can make a difference.

horses grazing

Creating time to provide a noisy brain with an outward focus that serves your soul and in this case, the animals, may open other healing opportunities for you, or perhaps just time to breathe.

goat at lemon ranch

This is a chance to relax in a pleasant environment, a way to be stimulated by nature and hopefully improve many aspects of your health.

lea and cat

“The idea of rescued animals helping humans who need a little bit of rescuing is, like, this beautiful thing to me,” she explains. “And they kind of help teach you about being able to move on from a bad experience and about letting go.”

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