Lazy Dog Refused To Get Out Of Bed—Until Mom Says 1 Word.

Most dogs are motivated by a few common things: treats, walks, or visits to the park.

Max, on the other hand, doesn’t really care much about food — sure, it’s tasty — and walks are all fun and good, but still. Meh. And yeah, the park is cool, but he could take it or leave it. Luckily, though, his mom knows her pup’s trigger word to get him excited at the drop of a hat.

When he refused to get off her big, comfy bed recently, she decided to pull out the big guns.


“Come on big baby…get off momma’s bed,” you hear his owner coaxing.

“Nope, nope, nah, no thanks,” he seems to say.


Then she tries a different approach: “You want a treat? Would you get off the bed for a treat?” He couldn’t care less.


It almost seems like a lost cause. She tugs at his paw, but he plays dead. There’s no moving the big yellow lab. This is where he lives now…


But Mom knows exactly what to say when he’s being especially stubborn.

Watch the video below to see what gets the cutie up and off in one second flat.

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