Law-Abiding Kangaroo Floors This Group Of Friends Into Fits Of Laughter.

View from inside a car of a kangaroo standing on a road in Australia at a red light.

Australia is known for many things, including all of the interesting creatures that inhabit the land. For example, while it’d be unusual for someone in the United States to see a random kangaroo, this is rather common in “The Land Down Under.” That’s why so many people are talking about this unusual encounter a group of Australian friends had with a kangaroo — even they couldn’t believe their eyes! It happened while they were traveling through Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains.


The confusion started when they spotted a kangaroo happily hopping down the road. One of the passengers, Emily Bianco, took out her phone to capture the moment. With the creature just in front of their car, they made sure to keep a safe distance. Then, suddenly, the kangaroo came to a halt… right in front of a red light. Everyone in the car burst into laughter!

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, the kangaroo stayed perfectly still until the moment the light turned green, sending this awe-struck group of friends into an even bigger fit of laughter. Looks like someone has been taking notes on human traffic laws!

Watch this law-abiding kangaroo in the hilarious video below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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