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Teen Singing Adele Cover Breaks Down When Parents Hand Her Concert Tickets Mid-Song.

Adele is one of the best singer/songwriters of our time, so it’s not surprising to hear that many rising stars think of her as their idol.

Lauren Spencer-Smith is one of them. So when the teen’s parents decided to give her an incredible gift, they convinced her to perform “When We Were Young” and pulled off a wonderful surprise.


In a video recorded in 2016, we watch as Lauren comes down the stairs and begins singing the gorgeous ballad.

Her voice is absolutely flawless! She stays true to Adele’s original sound while managing to add her own flair to the melody and show off her enormous talent.


Then her mom steps into the frame holding a piece of paper in front of her. Thoroughly confused, Lauren just asks, “Should I keep singing?”

Finally, her dad prompts her to read the paper, which is when she discovers her parents are giving her tickets to see Adele! Still not understanding what’s going on, she says, “For when?” That’s when the news really starts to sink in!


She studies the tickets a little longer before she finally looks up at the camera and cries, “It’s tonight!”

Once the shock fully wears off, the tears start flowing. Overwhelmed with excitement, Lauren puts her hand to her chest and says, “I got Adele tickets! I have to go brag to everybody now.”


There’s no doubt Lauren had an epic time that night! In all seriousness though, Adele had better watch out. This teen has talent to spare!

Watch Lauren’s gorgeous performance and adorable surprise in the video below, and be sure to share this story with your friends!

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