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Lainey Wilson Gifts Young Fan With Best Christmas Present Ever: A Surprise Visit!

lainey wilson surprise

Country music fans have likely watched the viral video of a young girl who exploded in happy tears when she scored Lainey Wilson tickets for Christmas. Well, Lainey just made the whole experience so much better.

For those who haven’t been following, the girl, Sophia, got the tickets as an early gift. Her parents posted a video of her reaction on social media. And when Lainey spotted it, she made a mash-up video of herself watching Sophia unwrapping the present. In that post, she promised to meet Sophia backstage.

But Lainey Wilson had one more surprise up her sleeve. On Christmas Day, she paid a visit to Sophia’s home in Alabama.

Lainey and Sophia

Lainey and Sophia’s mom, Chelsea, planned the visit behind the scenes. The little girl’s family knew what was coming, but they managed to keep it all a secret. So, when Lainey showed up, Sophia was completely taken aback.

Chelsea caught the Lainey Wilson surprise on camera and posted a video clip online so social media could keep up with the ongoing story. In it, Sophia stands on her deck wearing bell bottoms and a cowboy hat—looking just like her favorite country singer. Then Lainey walks up the stairs like an old friend, and the tears start flowing.

“What in the world?!” Lainey says, “We look like Twinkies!”

The two share a long hug and get to know each other. In the end, Sophia’s dad hands over a gift that Sophia had picked out for her hero, and Lainey shared that she also got something for Sophia. We may never know what they got each other, but it’s sweet that they can keep that as a secret between friends.

Watch Lainey Wilson’s big surprise below, and don’t forget to share this perfect holiday memory with your friends!

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