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Beautiful Woman’s Haunting Song Lures Cattle From Miles Away.

cattle call

Cowboys and herding dogs aren’t the only way to bring cows home to pasture.

In fact, there’s a way of gathering cattle – without lifting a finger. Looking to shine a light on the artful technique of kulning, a Swedish musician created a video demonstrating the ancient cattle call. Originating in the mountainous regions of Sweden and Norway, kulning is a high-pitched singing style similar to yodeling, another musical call that was developed in Switzerland.

With both kulning and yodeling, the echoes carry the caller’s voice across great distances and varied terrain.


In the video below, Jonna Jinton of the small Swedish village of Grundtjärn explains:

“This singing technique called ‘kulning’ is an ancient Swedish herdingcall, that was used by women long time ago to call home the cows and the goats, since it can be heard through very far distances.”


“I sang for the cows one last time before they had to go back to the farm for the winter. I always feel a sorrow when they leave in the autumn.”


“Since May they have been here on the fields, bringing some life to our little quiet village with only 10 inhabitants in the middle of the northern woods.”


“The sounds of cowbells in the quiet evening is one of the best sounds I know. And I love the feelings of seeing them running towards me as I sing. Especially when I see my favorite cow, Stjärna (star). She is always the first one coming.”


“I already miss them so much.”

Sit back, relax and listen to her musical call in the video below. Be sure to share to spread the word about this unique and lyrical tradition.

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