Woman Pulls Over In Rush-Hour Traffic To Rescue Kitten Trapped In Cement Barrier.

How far would you go to rescue an animal in need?

Kristyn Gamblain of Fort Worth, Texas, recently learned the answer to that question. She was on her way to work on September 11 when she spotted a tiny ball of fur on the side of the highway. Later, she shared the moving story on Facebook, and it’s just incredible!

As she was cruising along at 60 mph, a flash of black caught her eye. Her first thought was she’d seen a kitten… but how?

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The animal lover knew she had to turn around and find out what was going on. So she got off at the next exit and, despite the traffic, went all the way back to the beginning of her journey to retrace her steps until she caught sight of the kitten again. That’s when she pulled over and discovered a tiny cat was trapped headfirst in a cracked Jersey barrier.

“This little kitten had got itself wedged right up in the less than 2-inch space between the barriers,” Kristyn wrote. “So I get down on my knees and start trying to wiggle this little nugget out, but I can’t get my hands deep enough into the crack, so not making much headway.”

With cars flying by, Kristyn was relieved when highway patrol Officer Bennett arrived to help. After they contacted animal control, more officers came to divert traffic and provide a safe space where they could work on rescuing the kitten.

Not long after, Officer Galbraith showed up to help. Since her hands are smaller than Kristyn’s, she had more luck wiggling the poor cat loose.

Posted by Kristyn Gamblain on Saturday, September 12, 2020

After another ten minutes, they resorted to chipping away at the cement using Officer Bennett’s multi-tool. Finally, they were able to free the little one completely!

“Oh happy day!” Kristyn wrote. “We did it!”

Best of all, the lucky kitten’s “happily ever after” was just beginning!

“A smiling Officer Galbraith turns to me and asks if I am going to keep it, and even though I had just rescued Ginni a week before, I said of course!” Kristyn explained. “How could I not when I just spent 45 mins rescuing her!”

The new cat mom decided to name the sweet girl Jersey as a nod to how they met.

What an amazing team effort! We’re so glad Kristyn followed her instincts and turned her car around. We hope she and Jersey have a wonderful life together!

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