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15 Cats Who Came Home From The Vet With Hilarious Haircuts

Cats are beautiful animals, but mess with their fur and you’re left with some strange-looking creatures.

A Twitter user named Ash recently discovered this when she saw her friend’s pet following a surgery. The poor thing wasn’t happy about having both of their legs shaved, but Ash couldn’t stop laughing! She also couldn’t keep the hysterical sight to herself.

She shared a snapshot on Twitter, sparking a thread of photos showcasing hilarious post-surgery and grooming results. Try not to giggle as you check out these 15 felines who are counting the days until their fur grows back.

1. This ebony kitty brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “chicken legs.”

2. The cutest fur boots you will ever see.

3. “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!”

4. We can’t decide which is funnier: the look of betrayal or the pom-pom tail!

5. It doesn’t get more flattering than this.

6. “They gave my boy the two-piece set with a crop top and pants.”

7. So that’s what a drumstick looks like.

8. She may have lost her dignity, but she gained a snazzy pair of mittens!

9. As if the cone of shame wasn’t bad enough!

10. From feline to bovine.

11. Just a boy modeling his new cat chaps.

12. This guy isn’t afraid to let it all hang loose!

13. “When someone steals your boots.”

14. Looks like someone’s been pumping the iron!

15. How this cutie feels about his new haircut….

Who knew that underneath all that fur was so much hilarity? While taking our furry friends to the vet is never fun, at least these pet parents got a little comic relief. Their cats may not be amused, but we certainly are!

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