Woman Slowly Replaces 11 Family Photos With Crayon Drawings And Catches Parents’ Reaction.

Most parents consider themselves to be observant, but one woman recently set out to prove otherwise.

Kristen Vogler is self-isolating with her mom and dad, Paula and Mike, in Easton, Massachusetts, during the novel coronavirus outbreak. She loves pulling harmless pranks, so when the boredom truly set in after weeks at home, she decided it was time to have a little fun!


She was talking to her younger sister one day when her sibling mentioned a prank she’d seen online. It involved slowly replacing family photos with pictures of actor Nicolas Cage, and it gave Kristen an amazing idea.

“I don’t have a color printer, so knew that wouldn’t work,” she said. “I happened to have a box of crayons, and it all sort of clicked from there. That was several months ago, however. It wasn’t until COVID-19 that I found myself with more time on my hands and I actually could start it.”

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Kristen decided to test just how long it would take her parents to notice that she was slowly filling their cherished family portraits with hilarious crayon drawings. She shared her findings on Facebook, and we haven’t stopped laughing since. Here’s the original wall:


Then the real fun began!

Day 1

“The first crayon drawing is placed,” she wrote. “Bets were made on how many photos and how long it would take them to notice.”


Day 2

“After FaceTiming with my grandparents (the subjects of my first crayon replica) for an hour near this wall, I decided to add another piece while my parents took a walk.”


Day 3

“Up to three crayon artworks now and still not even a glance. That door on the left? It’s used multiple times a day.”


Day 4

“Thought I would get caught today.”


Day 5

“At this point it was getting harder to pick photos I thought weren’t noticeable, plus I felt like I smelled like crayons constantly.”


Day 6

“After getting a ton of rain for days, I was needing to get sneakier to be able to add these to the wall.”


Day 7

“Today was a twofer with these classic Christmas photos. At this point I was starting to think I should have guessed based on weeks and not days for how long it would take them to notice.”


Day 8

“I legit did not think I would get this far, but here we are.”


Day 9

“Only three left to go before my work is complete. I should probably take a moment to apologize to my art teachers. You tried really hard to teach me to draw people, and this is what I’ve done.”


Day 10

“Happy Easter. My mom was nice enough to hide Easter eggs for me; in return, I did this to the photo of her firstborn.”


Day 11

“I almost got caught hanging this one up. Had to hide in the bathroom but they still didn’t notice.”


At long last, the day arrived when Paula and Mike noticed the wall of drawings! When Kristen heard her mother exclaim from the next room, she came running to record the reaction.

“Please tell me you just did that,” her mom said between laughs.


Best. Prank. Ever! This family is obviously finding great ways to have fun while they’re stuck at home. Plus, Kristen is getting to show off her stunning artistic talent. We couldn’t ask for more!

Watch her parents make their big discovery in the video below, and share the joy with a friend who can relate. For more stories of goodness and hope, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

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