Medical Team Forms Honor Guard For Baby Who Beat COVID-19 After Heart Surgery.

To Emma and Wayne Bates of England, their daughter is a miracle baby.


After 10 years of trying to have children, the couple welcomed Erin into the world with pure joy in October. Not long after, they found out she faced an uphill health battle, which became even more difficult after the novel coronavirus outbreak began. But their little girl is a fighter – and a survivor!

baby erin

In November, the new parents received some devastating news. Erin was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a rare combination of four heart defects.

Just a month later, she underwent open-heart surgery and has been recovering at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool ever since.

bates family

Life threw the Bates another curveball in April when Erin tested positive for COVID-19 after having a fever. Emma spent the next two weeks quarantined with the 6-month-old in the hospital, while Wayne wasn’t able to visit.

“It’s been very lonely,” Emma told GMA. “I’ve been frightened… some days she had good days and other days she had really bad days. It was the unknown of where Erin was going to go with this virus.”

But once again, Erin defied the odds – and beat COVID-19!

baby erin

To celebrate, her medical team lined the halls, forming an honor guard as the infant was finally taken out of isolation in her crib. The sweet scene touched Emma and Wayne deeply!

“It just meant so much to me,” Emma said. “And it means that these doctors and nurses, they’re not just there to make your children better, but they actually care. They really care about your children.”

honor guard for erin

Erin will stay in the hospital until she fully recovers, which could take up to six months. While that means she won’t be able to be with her dad in person, he understands that’s what’s best for his little girl.

In the meantime, she and Emma are calling him every day. They’ve gotten through so much together, and they know they’ll weather this storm too.

baby erin

It’s easy to see where Erin gets her strength from! The Bates have been through so much, and they keep pushing forward! You can support them by donating to their medical bills.

Watch Emma’s honor guard in the video below, and celebrate her victory by sharing it with your friends. For more stories of joy and hope, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

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