Knock Knock, Who’s There? The 15 Best Moments Captured By Ring Cameras.

deer caught on Ring doorbell, dad holds baby up to ring doorbell camera

These days, most people have a doorbell camera to keep an eye on their homes.


Most of the time these cameras capture only mundane activities, but every so often they provide us with a fun peek into someone else’s life. Everything from animal encounters to funny dad jokes show up on Ring doorbells, and some are so sweet and funny we just had to share.

1. These little boys had the sweetest reaction to finding their grandpa on their doorstep after school.

2. This guy stops by to deliver the best dad jokes he’s got, and they’re pretty darn good.

3. Mom had to work on her son’s first day of school, but she caught this adorable moment with his friends on the doorbell cam.

4. If you couldn’t tell by his reaction, Eli was not expecting to hear his dad’s voice come through the doorbell.

5. The door-cam captured Edward and Megan on their first date, the day they got married, and the day they brought home their first new family member.

6. This lady caught a deer eating her bushes, and they had the cutest conversation.

7. Nothing can faze this chill mailman, even a dog who barks like Cujo every day.

8. Did you miss the ice cream truck? Don’t worry, dad is on the case!

9. Vinny just swung by because he was craving some fries and meat.

10. Awesome Dad still makes the shot even while holding a baby. Bonus: The dancing kid makes this video sheer perfection.

11. Savannah and her son just wanted to get inside the house, but a bee had other plans.

12. Katherine’s neighbor stopped by just to say some kind words to her.

13. “Holy guacamole!” Little girl catches her first fish and has no idea what to do with it.

14. Brother brings his baby to his sister’s house so she can watch him while he works.

15. Hannah moved away, but her dad finds a way to say hello to her every morning anyway.

We just love how kind and sweet people can be, don’t you? These cameras gave us a fun glimpse into their daily lives, and we like what we see.

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