Kindergartners Share The Funniest Marriage Advice For Their Teacher On Her Big Day.

bride emily and her groom looking surprised as they hear marriage advice from emily’s kindergarten class. words to an incomplete sentence are on the image that say, “carter says be nice to your husband and”

Weddings usually include speeches from people like the maid of honor and the best man, but Emily’s big day wouldn’t have been complete without a few words from some very special kids.

Thankfully, their unforgettable words were captured and shared on the Instagram page of wedding photographer Katie Jo. In the video, two people in Emily’s bridal party are in the middle of giving a speech. They’re the ones talking, but the advice they have to share comes from the kiddos in the bride’s kindergarten class!

These little ones don’t have experience when it comes to marriage, but that didn’t stop them from dishing out some pearls of wisdom for their beloved teacher. They’re all gems but, we have to say, “Respect and have kids” is a top contender in our book.

No matter which one is your favorite, one thing is for certain: These adorable kindergarteners did a great job at making Emily’s day even more special than it already was!

Now, somebody please make sure these kids watch this video when they’re older…

Watch Emily get hilarious marriage advice from her kindergarteners below, and don’t forget to share.

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