Kindergarten Teacher Can’t Find Dolls With Hearing Aids So She Makes Her Own.

For a long time, many kids couldn’t find dolls that looked like them because the market was flooded with toys that were basically the same, just with different outfits. Thankfully, toy manufacturers are allowing for more diversity now.

Still, it’s difficult to create inclusive toys for everyone because people are so unique. So when pre-K and kindergarten teacher Genesis Politron noticed her students were playing with dolls they couldn’t identify with, she took matters into her own hands.


For the last four years, Genesis has worked with students with hearing loss. As a teacher of young kids, she often shops for classroom toys so her students have something to play with during downtime, but recently she realized she couldn’t find any that represented her students.

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Instead of appealing to various companies, Genesis took matters into her own hands. If no one else was making deaf and hearing-impaired dolls, then she would do it herself. So she got out her craft supplies (including glitter paint, of course) and drew hearing aids and cochlear implants on the dolls by hand.


Genesis posted photos of the dolls she made on Twitter after she shared them with her kids, writing, “I wish everyone could see their faces when playing with these.” She added, “No child should ever feel as if they aren’t ‘normal’ or as if they don’t belong. I want my students to be proud of such a special part of their identity.”


The innovative toys quickly went viral! People just can’t seem to get over how sweet it was of Genesis to put so much thought and effort into making her students feel at home. Many parents are especially thankful because they have little ones who would love their own doll to identify with, and Genesis is proof they don’t have to wait on a toy company!

We can only hope toy-makers add these wonderful dolls to their lists soon. Help spread the inclusivity by sharing this story with your friends!

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