Disney Star Adopts Entire Internet And Her “Possibly Bad Mom Advice” Has Us Rolling.

Kim Rhodes possibly bad mom advice

An entire generation recognizes actress Kim Rhodes from her role as Zack and Cody’s mom on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “The Suite Life on Deck,” but now she’s taking on the role of mom for the entire internet!

In a series of TikTok videos, Kim decided to “adopt” anyone online who needs a parent in their life. But Kim’s not just any mom – she’s the most accepting, upbeat, helpful, and positive mother ever. Her “possibly bad mom advice” covers mundane topics like threading a needle and making brownies, but each short video also includes a reminder that we are all important and there’s no “right” way to live your life.

1. When it comes to dispensing motherly love, Kim is truly a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air. “I am proud of you, and you make the world better,” she reminds us.

2. Here’s the moment when she made it official: Kim will adopt us all!


I’m gonna need a bigger apartment. But I’m Mom, if you want another one. #mom #love #genx #millennial #genz

♬ original sound – kimrhodes4you

3. Like any good mother, she’s got a brownie mix hack that we can’t believe we never knew about.

4. So what? Sew buttons, that’s what!


Reply to @krissiespacecase More things you would know as my children! Things like Mom is bad at fractions! #genx #mom #momadvice

♬ Mah Na Mah Na (From “The Muppets”) – London Music Works

5. Kim understands how tired young moms can be, and she has some tips for sneaking in much-needed rest while raising babies.


Reply to @mediocrity_kills Possibly bad. If your kid is sensitive, don’t do this. Mine…. is not. #momadvice #mom #badadvice #tired #genx

♬ Mah Na Mah Na (From “The Muppets”) – London Music Works

6. What do you know? Kim folds fitted sheets the same way we do.


Reply to @jenniferyoung747 I AM STILL ACCEPTING ADOPTEES! No chores! But no allowance. #mom #genx #advice #lifeskills #love

♬ Mah Na Mah Na (From “The Muppets”) – London Music Works

7. There are a few things about being an adult that are pretty cool. Here’s one.

8. Just a “definitely bad mom joke” to boost your spirits.


Have I adopted you from the internet? This might make you seek emancipation. #mom #genz #badjokes #notsorry #momtok

♬ Mah Na Mah Na (From “The Muppets”) – London Music Works

9. Can’t remember to take your vitamins in the morning? Try Kim’s method.

10. And finally, even a mom can’t top Kermit the Frog’s tip for loving yourself.


#duet with @camgarrity Good morning. I was just called out by a Muppet and thought you might be too. You are worth kindness from you. #mom #kind

♬ original sound – Cam Garrity

We love our new internet mom, don’t you? Kim really knows how to keep it real while offering kind words and positivity to everyone. We hope she makes more of these “possibly bad mom advice” videos!

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