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how are you different kids

Kids’ Answers To “How Are You Different?” Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

Is there anything as beautiful as the innocence of a child?

In the video below, little kids are paired off with their best friends and asked to tell the camera how they differed from one another. The children in each pair had major differences — race, gender, physical ability — but the kids don’t answer the way we adults might expect.

“I’m good at gymnastics and Kayla-Mai is good at smiling,” answers one girl.


“I have smaller toes than Artie,” suggests one little boy.


“She’s good at counting, and I’m good at hiding.” What a perfect match!


The video of their adorable replies has gone viral.

Of course, many were quick to point out that the kids never once think to mention their friend’s race.


Another commenter replied to the above statement saying “Exactly! Kids aren’t stupid, they SEE color differences, but why comment on it?”

A teacher agreed, saying she’d asked her students to list differences they saw in each other. While skin color did make the list, it “took ages” to get to that. Kids aren’t color blind, but — unlike adults — they haven’t learned to care about it.


Others picked up on the positivity in the kids’ answers.


One kid, for example, noted he was good at “tig” (that’s tag to North Americans) while his friend is good at “staying in den,” meaning waiting at base where he can’t be tagged.


“To be different is something to be celebrated, not denigrated,” wrote one commenter. “With videos like this, I do have hope for the future.”


Watch the video below to hear the kids’ sweet messages, and share! 

What makes you two different from each other?

These children were asked how they were different from one another. Their responses might just bring a tear to your eye! 💗(via CBeebies)

Posted by BBC Family & Education News on Sunday, June 18, 2017