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Kid Wearing A Jason Kelce Jersey To Taylor Swift Concert Gets Surprised By The Man Himself!

Jason Kelce meets an awestruck young fan.

A young football fan at a Taylor Swift concert got the surprise of a lifetime when former pro athlete Jason Kelce approached him! This boy caught the celebrity’s attention because he was wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey to the event with Kelce’s name on it. The football pro decided that he needed to meet this young man! Someone caught the sweetest footage of the encounter.

You could tell that the boy was absolutely floored when he saw Jason Kelce walking up to him at the concert. The look of awe on his face was priceless! After shaking the boy’s hand, the former athlete posed for a photo with him. It was clearly one of the best days of this kid’s life!

This sweet video was shared online by the Philadelphia Eagles, and it’s been going viral. Commenters were truly impressed by the celebrity’s kindness toward the young fan.

“That kid’s face is the definition of star-struck!” wrote one user. “Love this for him!”

Another added, “Jason Kelce is America’s sweetheart and nothing you say could convince me otherwise.”

“Little man lost all brain function and was in complete awe,” said a third person. “The Kelce family has shown their hearts and character to be so wholesome in every video I’ve seen.”

Is Jason Kelce a Swiftie?

Jason Kelce meets an awestruck young fan.
Screengrab from TikTok

In case you didn’t know, Jason Kelce is the older brother of Swift’s boyfriend, Travis — which explains what he was doing at the concert. Well, that, and he might also be a big fan! Parade tells us that the former professional football player caused quite a stir among Swifties when he was seen sporting her merch. The item in question was a t-shirt with the singer’s face on it.

We’re guessing that a Taylor Swift concert wasn’t where this young boy expected to meet one of his football heroes. This is one day he’ll probably never forget!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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