Sherpa Was A Mistake… Mom Shares Unexpectedly Funny Consequence To Daughter’s Fashion Choice.

New kid sherpa jacket on the left. Camouflage leaf-covered version on the right.

If you don’t know what sherpa is, it is a fluffy fleece. If you get the real stuff, it is not machine washable. Why any parent in their right mind would buy clothing for a child that was dry-clean only is beyond my ability to comprehend. But it happens. Some kid sherpa jackets have the fluffy sherpa on the inside and a sturdier material on the outside.


Bri, the mom who posted today’s clip, bought the fancy one with the fluff on the outside. Honestly, her TikTok profile says she is a girl mom times four. She should have known better. To offer some perspective, the jacket probably looked something like this kid sherpa jacket from Amazon when they left their house.

Kid Sherpa Jacket (new) from Amazon.
Image from Amazon.

It was going to be a grand day at the playground. Bri’s toddler was dressed warm enough to play outside. She was styling in her kid sherpa jacket, black and white fleece leggings, and the most adorable boots!

Kids have a mind of their own, though. When Bri’s daughter took off to play, she appeared to have changed outfits at some point. Gone was the cute cream-colored kid sherpa jacket. Her daughter came back wearing a one-of-a-kind camouflage coat with a huge smile and rosy cheeks to match!

Child in a cream-colored kid sherpa jacket after playing in the park and collecting leaves.
Image from TikTok.

On closer examination, Bri realized that her daughter was still wearing the same kid sherpa jacket. She just made some design changes, transforming the coat into a camouflage version.

What Really Happened To The Kid Sherpa Jacket?

Apparently, sherpa is a leaf magnet. Who knew? Bri’s daughter seemed to be wearing every stray leaf in the park. Would that be considered woodland camouflage or perhaps mossy oak? Bri’s video contained the following Public Service Announcement (PSA) to warn other unsuspecting moms.

PSA to moms about dressing your kid in a sherpa jacket and going to the park.
Image from TikTok.

Bri should consider sending an invoice to the local municipality. They should pay her daughter for the leaf pick-up duty she performed. If you enjoyed this tale of a mother’s woes, please share Bri’s grief. She mentioned in the caption that the cleanup was insane, so hopefully, she is smiling with us.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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