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Kid Leaves Hilarious Note After Stealing Plant From Family’s Home

Left image shows a variety of plants hanging on a fence. Right image shows a blurred image of the note written by a child who stole a plant.

In a post shared on X (Twitter), user “dj dantẻ” stated, “Some kid stole a plant from my parent’s house but felt bad so they came back and left this cute note with $5”. The post was shared on October 5, 2021, but it is gaining momentum after being shared by Upworthy on TikTok. The handwritten note was apologetic and explained the circumstances behind the theft.

The letter, addressed “Dear family,” begins with an apology. The note continues to explain that he wasn’t “thinking how bad that was” when he took the plant. The words are earnest and heartfelt. The kid offers to pay them back for the plant and included a five dollar bill in the note.

If you’re wondering why the kid didn’t return the plant, that was also explained in the note. The kid stole the plant to feed it to his pet tortoise. But, as luck would have it, the tortoise wanted no part of the “forbidden” plant and wouldn’t eat it. You can read the entire note below.

Image shows the note posted to X (Twitter). In the note a child apologizes for stealing a plant and they included $5 with the note.
Image from X (Twitter).

The writer of the note wanted to know what type of plant it was. And here is where things get a little funny. In a comment under the post, dj dantẻ added, “My mom doesn’t even know which plant they took lmaoo. I should drop off some food for their tortoise for being so honest”.

Some might consider this episode a parenting failure, but it isn’t. Even if the young thief wrote the letter under duress, he stated his purpose honestly. He admitted that stealing was bad and offered to make amends. The young writer seems to have learned his lesson. He even owned up to not having the guts to deliver the apology in person. As a parent, I would call that a win. So, kudos to this kid’s parents for using this as a teaching moment.

If you enjoyed this, please share it with others. It truly does take a village to raise our children well.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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