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Kid Hilariously Adds The Perfect Pizazz To His Siblings’ Rendition Of The Bee Gees.

Two siblings sit near the camera, one singing with their eyes closed while the other sings and plays the guitar. Behind them is a third sibling who dances as he wears a helmet and swimming flippers.

You’ve never seen a performance quite like this one. Shared on YouTube under the account Biko’s Manna, three siblings pull off a performance of “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees that is remarkably beautiful. While the vocals themselves make this performance noteworthy, the third sibling’s unique addition to the video makes it stand out all the more. At the start, it seems as though only two siblings will be in the video, with a young girl singing as her brother both sings and plays the guitar.

Within seconds, however, a third, younger kiddo pops into frame when he rolls behind them while seated on a skateboard. He’s wearing a helmet, smiling and waving when he spots the camera. This grand entrance is the perfect preview for everything that follows.

As his two older siblings effortlessly pull off a beautiful performance, pitch-perfect harmonies and all, he takes on the roll of dancer/hype-man. In the course of this nearly five minute video, he manages to dance, pull off gymnastics moves, and even adds some harmonies now and again. Best of all, his siblings don’t even skip a beat, seemingly unphased by his antics.

Watch this trio pull off the most unique rendition of a Bee Gees song that you’ve ever seen in the video below.

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