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Kid Break-Dancers Wow Reporter With Their “Absolutely Terrifying” Moves.

A young boy is mid-handstand while breakdancing. Kids his age, as well as a shocked BBC reporter, stand around and watch.

For the first time ever, breakdancing will be featured in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Wanting to get a closer look at this challenging performance art, BBC reporter John Maguire joined a dance school in Manchester for the day. In doing so, he learned just how impressive breaking can be, all while getting the best commentary from the school’s coach.

In a competition between two boys, the first maintains eye contact as he confidently pulls of dangerous looking moves, including a head spin. But his competitor is a worthy opponent, with their coach noting that “Caleb is a man of flavor.” Although smaller than the first boy, he has no problem holding his own.

“When I first started breakdancing I started doing the helicopter,” Caleb said. “I had such a good time doing break dancing, and I hope one day to win the Olympics.”

As someone not heavily involved in breakdancing himself, the reporter was especially amazed at witnessing their moves in-person.

“I think, as you could appreciate, it takes a lot of work, a lot of dedication,” he said. “A lot of effort. I find it absolutely terrifying watching it this close up.”

Watch these talented lads’ impressive moves in the video below.

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